February 27, 2013

The new Sam Dyke

A long time since my last post as I've been putting to bed my latest Sam Dyke novel, The Hard Swim.

The novel begins in Edinburgh Zoo and finishes in a small village in France. Sam finds himself involved in helping a young woman whose family history in the Second World War might compromise the present-day career of a government minister. And he doesn't like that, so he hires a team to stop it happening.

Two real-life events are part of the story - first, the sinking of an old steamer carrying several hundred Rumanian Jews to Palestine and safety, in 1942. The second, the capture and execution of 30 members of the new SAS in France in 1944. What links these two events is the mystery that Sam has to uncover.

It's available in both paperback and Kindle-formats from Amazon stores practically world-wide.