May 07, 2014

A new Sam Dyke - The Bleak

I've just published my new Sam Dyke novel, The Bleak. Here's the blurb (that's technical speak):

For P.I. Sam Dyke, taking this particular case is not promising. A secretary is worried that her boss is cracking up, and she doesn’t know why. 
It doesn’t take Dyke long to discover that it’s not just the pressures of work that are getting to this man, a scientist. It’s his colleagues, too. Their leader, Stratford Greif, is a hyper-intelligent biochemist who has a personal philosophy that is taking him in one direction—to produce a calamitous event that may destroy the lives of hundreds of people. Or more.
Dyke sets himself on a course to prevent Greif from achieving his ends. A course that endangers him, his new partner and, it seems, anyone else who disagrees with what Greif wants to do ...

And here's the cover: 

I know many of you are keen to add this to your collection so here are the links:

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